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You don’t want to spend more time in jail so contact Bail America for fast and reliable bail bond services in the Northern Colorado and Denver Metro area. Our Services are courteous, fast, friendly and confidential.

We are there for you and your loved one to help with posting a bond, and we will help get the information you need for the bonding and process of release for your family member or friend.

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All our agents are licensed and in full compliance with the State of Colorado. Our family team of agents consists of:
Rod Hawkins-He has been working with Colorado’s legal system since 1981.
Landon Hawkins-He is a bail bond agent for Bail America and has also written bonds for many years, He is Rod’s son. Landon and his wife have two children.
Diana Hawkins-Rod’s wife and the Office Manager at Bail America.Please call us concerning any bail or bonding questions, we want to help you get the answers you need.
Erik Tweedy-He is a bail bond agent for Bail America and have been writing bail for many years. He is Rod’s son-in-law. Erik is a husband to our daughter and the father to their little girl.